Is Crowdfunding Here To Stay In 2018?

Is Crowdfunding Singularity Upon Us?

Singularity is the moment that technology becomes exponentially more powerful than it is today. The moment where technology begins increasing at an exponential rate. To many, this day marks the beginning of the end for humanity. To technology buffs, this moment represents the culmination of all the efforts of humanity since the beginning of time. In the crowdfunding space I believe we have began to reach a level of change that will radically transform the way we live our lives. The fact is, as technology grows it begins to learn from itself. Sure, originally all of this innovation was directed by scientists, but eventually you reach a point where robotics begin to take on a mind of its own. Many fear that robots will become all powerful and begin killing people. Others feel that soon we will no longer have to work and everything will be provide for us. Crowdfunding is a very innovative space and has been around for along time. Many established companies like Go Fund Me and Kickstarter have given people the opportunity to crowd fund money for their project or invention for over a decade. Recently, there has been a new company to emerge into this growing industry. SmashFund crowdfunding company was started by a young entrepreneur by the name of Rob Towles. Rob has been in the tech space for a longtime and has a long list of successful projects prior to becoming the SmashFund CEO. Originally, Rob was the founder of the highly successful gaming platform Candy Crusher where he oversaw the eventual sale of the company to the tune of $115 million. Next, Rob decided to try his luck as an energy drink salesman and created the E-fusion brand of energy drinks. This company seemed to tap into the affiliate based growth model where profits are shared between all stakeholders. The truth is, the average person does not want to work for someone else. The majority of people would settle to make less money if it meant they could have a business of their own. The affiliate based revenue sharing model provides this opportunity to people. After many successful ventures, Rob has shifted his focus primarily to SmashFund. This young crowdfunding startup combines the best aspects of crowdfunding, social media, and revenue sharing. In fact, SmashFund is the only crowdfunding network that provides all these different systems to its users. Now, I started this article talking about the crowdfunding singularity, and asking the provocative question, is the singularity upon us? The ability to crowd fund money is about to undergo the most radical changes in over a decade. With the leadership of Rob Towles, SmashFund plans to not only disrupt the entire crowdfunding industry, but also take the platform worldwide. Of course, this is an ambitious plan for a young start up, but I believe they have the right team in place. The best minds in the industry are all gathering together to disrupt the entire industry and change the way people raise money forever. If you have a passion, project, invention, goal, or cause then SmashFund could be your key to bringing it to life.

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