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So without winding this out too far, let’s get started with the meat of todays topics in the online world, or, at least our online world. Search Engine optimization. We have so much to say and cover. from good to bad and everything in-between. How you can make money with it and how you cast lose a ton of money without it. Don’t miss this article as it will be right up next so stay tuned…

Bob Proctor And The Razor’s Edge – Law Of Attraction

In Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes To Success, he talks about a concept called The Razors Edge. This concept has most likely been around since the beginning of time, but it was made popular – under a different name – in Napoleon Hills groundbreaking masterwork Think and Grow Rich. The principles states that the majority of people attempting to accomplish a goal are literally just inches away from completing it. The average person is programmed to quit right before the finish line. This brief analysis will attempt to flush this out in detail.

On my journey to self-improvement I have smashed directly into The Razors Edge concept on numerous occasions. Of course I was not aware of this principle early in life, I can look back and see how I was affected by its existence. There is a strange bit of programming within the human mind that tends to sabotage people who try to accomplish big goals. The purpose of the programming is unknown, but its existence was undoubtedly placed there for a reason. History is filled with people who attempted to accomplish great things and decided to stop inches from the goal line. I myself have been tempted to quit right at the point of victory on many occasions. Maybe this is the law of attraction reading the inner doubt and hesitation and interjecting itself. The law of attraction states that you will attract into your life the things you think about in your mind. For example, if your consistently thinking about the reasons you will fail then your subconscious mind picks up on that and guides you to fail. Most of the time the person will be none the wiser on the reason for their failure. On the flip side, if you decide with your mind that you will succeed and repeat those thoughts throughout the day, studies show your chance of success is much higher.

I was first introduced to these concepts by Bob Proctor and have been studying them religiously ever since. When you always seem to fail these ideas can seem very foreign and – for lack of better words – full of shit. When one begins to apply these powerful concepts into their mind you can start to see results immediately. One of the main things I would notice is the use of limiting language in my speech. I have now made the conscious effect to eliminate all phrases that don’t serve my goal of being successful. When I head to work for the day I don’t “try to make money” instead I “make money.” Or when I talk about my company I don’t say that “I will try to make it successful” instead I say “my company is successful.” The concept of programming your brain first to help you achieve the results you want in your life is the key. This is primarily called the Law of Attraction, but is also referred to the Law of Vibration. The key concept here is that nothing stands still, everything is constantly in motion. Therefore, the vibration you are in effects everything around you and what you attract into your life. Now let’s bring this concept back to The Razors Edge concept we initially started with.

Picture of Bob Proctor

As Bob Proctor says, “You are just one inch away from beauty and success in your life”. It’s true, we are all very close to achieving the life we have always wanted. Sometimes though that last inch or two turns into a wall that’s very hard to break through. I know from personal experience that a lot of people out there have pushed hard for a goal, only to fail time and time again. This is the most critical time in the process because the failure will stop 99% of people from pursuing their dreams. The winners know that when they reach that final resistance, they have reached the razors edge. That’s when you know it’s time to push even harder until you break through. What is it going to take to get you to blast through the resistance in your life? Maybe you need to get up an hour earlier, maybe you need to give something up, or maybe you just need to believe in yourself. The fact of the matter is that you made your mind up to achieve a certain result and now is the time to take it! Double down on your dreams, redouble your efforts, and hit the barbwire until you accomplish your dreams. If you would like to learn some of Bob Proctor’s teachings, there is a free success coaching e-course that you can sign up for today for free.

Who Provides the Best SEO Services in Portland Oregon?

Search Engine Optimization in Portland Oregon

The name of the game in business is cash flow.  Everyone’s looking for cash flow and that’s why people start companies.  The best way to get cash flow is either your own business or real estate investments.  Both can be set up for passive income but I feel real estate is the easiest to automate.  A small business can be automated but it’s a lot harder because you have to rely on a large group of employees.  Most business’s rely on their website or online listing to reach new customers and make more profit.  This means that almost all business people can benefit from search engine optimization.

If you are not currently an SEO expert or haven’t hired one then you are giving your competition an advantage.  The reality of the current situation is it’s impossible to compete with a good SEO company.  Small business owners don’t have the skill set to do the current level of optimization required to compete.  The hard part about hiring an SEO company how do you know who to trust?  The danger of search optimization is that if you don’t know what you are doing you can actually screw up people’s website.  I have seen companies totally destroy domain names and actually get them banned on Google.  In the early 90’s when the internet was first starting out my family had an e-commerce website.  There was a local company that had great results by hiring a firm who specialized in getting your website ranked #1 in Google.  They hired this firm and actually were ranking on the top and still do to this day.  After seeing these results we hired the guy to do search optimization for our small e-commerce website.  He told us what he was going to do which was the exact same thing he did before that worked really well.  The basic idea at the time was to make your site look bigger than it was by adding forums, fake posts, blogs, and lots of other content.  The problem was that Google had done an update since then and had decided forums without active posters meant this was a spam site.  Basically the site ranked well for a few days and then instantly all the rankings fell off.  Upon further research we figured out that our page had been banned from Google and delisted.  At this time this was suicide for our company because we couldn’t even be found unless someone typed in our exact domain name.  The point of telling this story is to illustrate the danger of hiring a poor search engine marketing company.  It’s imperative that if you decide to seek professional help you choose the right firm.  So how do you know who provides the best SEO services?  The first step is to start Googling companies and see who comes up in the top for certain terms.  The other option is to talk to business owners who have had success and have them recommend the person who did the work.  I recently had a great experience with Oregon Web Solutions Portland SEO Company.  I created a Mac Computer site that I planned to add content too and making profits on the back end by putting ads in the side bar.  The idea behind it was to add great and relevant information about internet subjects and build up a fan base.  Then charge companies to put their advertisements on my page and occasionally do product reviews for extra revenue.  The problem I was having though is nobody could find my page.  If your not ranking in the big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo how can anyone find you?  At the time I didn’t have the money to pay for a big ad campaign that may or may not work.  I decided to hire professionals and i’m happy I did.  They were able to take my new site from page 4 to page 1 in about 60 days.  Once I was on the first page I watched my rankings steadily improve until I finally reached my goal of in the top 3 positions for my desired keyword.  Before I go any further it’s important I mention the downside of search engine optimization.

The first being that it does have some risk to it.  Whenever you changing or adding things to a website there’s always a chance you could be banned or delisted.  The other downside is that it can be very expensive especially if you go with a good firm.  The upside is that a good firm can usually pay for themselves by the revenue you will receive on the back end.  Those returns can usually come pretty quickly if you already have a good business model.  Ranking in Google basically is like opening a business in a good location where customers will readily walk in the front door.  Once customers start coming in the door because you are in the right spot you can spend less on advertising because SEO is basically free advertising.  When you’re on the front page of Google you don’t need to spend money on AdWords, banner ads, or pay per click campaigns because you have organically placed yourself where customers will find you.  In conclusion, the best money you will spend on your business is on advertising.  The best advertising money you can spend is to get your website ranking organically in google so you can have a steady stream of cash flow and customers for the foreseeable future.  If you want more information on my favorite search engine marketing company check out the Oregon Web Solutions SEO Facebook.

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Magic in your mind is becoming a popular internet subject

Magic In Your Mind?

Being the internet nerds that we are, we search all over for various things and I couldn’t help but come across the Magic in your mind course that is Bob Proctor’s New program apparently.

Now I have not heard of this before, but I have heard of Bob Proctor through the famous movie “The Secret“. Like I have said in another blog that I wrote, this movie changed my life forever. I won’t go into details again, but you can go read that blog for yourself. Bob was one of the presenters in the movie who really grabbed you and pulled you in. He has a confident aura about him and a deep commanding voice. It opened up many people to a new boom that became the law of attraction. This phrase has been used so heavily over the last 15 years that it almost get a little annoying. Most people don’t

This phrase has been used so heavily over the last 15 years that it almost get a little annoying. Most people don’t have a clue what they are talking about, but I know that Bob does. That being said, we ran across this site that was promoting a new course from Bob. I put a video above we pulled from the site where he is talking about the course and his take on Bob Proctor. Now I don’t know if this site is just out to make money or really trying to share the good they have run across, but I felt it was legitimate enough to talk about here.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Bob, I will put a video here where Bob goes into more detail on the law of attraction and vibration:

This is a remarkable video that I can’t help but watch even now. I love and respect Bob, so I would have to believe that this “Magic In Your Mind” Would be a great product as described. Don’t take my word for it, go find out for yourself, but if the law of attraction interests you, I would research Bob and his works.

The point of this article is that even though I think that the world has already overused and oversold the law of attraction, I have to stop and see that maybe it has just started and not ending at all. The more sites I see popping up make me believe this. At least people are focused on something positive. Be sure to check out Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret.