How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Technology Today Just a few short years ago it would be hard to believe the rate of chance we have experienced. In just a short period of time technologies that had little effect previously, have suddenly taken over and changed the way we work, live, and interact with each other. At the current pace of … [Read more…]

Tetris Movie Trailer And Movie Review 2018

Tetris Movie Trailer and Review   Ok, we are all about anything nerdy and internet related. This definitely includes the 2015 classic Tetris world championships. Let us back up a bit and explain where this all started.  In 2010 Director adam Cornelious and 3rd place competitor in the 1990 nintendo world championships Robin Mehara decided … [Read more…]

Is Crowdfunding Here To Stay In 2018?

Is Crowdfunding Singularity Upon Us? Singularity is the moment that technology becomes exponentially more powerful than it is today. The moment where technology begins increasing at an exponential rate. To many, this day marks the beginning of the end for humanity. To technology buffs, this moment represents the culmination of all the efforts of humanity … [Read more…]

The Internet Is Becoming More Intelligent In 2018

Is The Internet Is Becoming More Intelligent? The internet and the computer. Quickly evolving to being smarter and faster then most can fathom. This is great in a lot of ways and bad in others. The one reason a computer will never replace a human being is that it can’t make discernment and judgement calls … [Read more…]