The Internet Is Becoming More Intelligent In 2018

Is The Internet Is Becoming More Intelligent?


The internet and the computer. Quickly evolving to being smarter and faster then most can fathom. This is great in a lot of ways and bad in others. The one reason a computer will never replace a human being is that it can’t make discernment and judgement calls like a human can. It can’t feel and reason like one would want. There really is only black and white. Life is more then black and white. Being in the computer industry I am seeing this more and more.

Take youtube for example. The true king of video really. Google owned now and doing their best to keep spam at bay which I don’t blame them. The problem is that they set programs to block spam and any spam like activity, but there are a lot of people “playing by the rules” and getting blocked when they have no intentions of spamming whatsoever. Let me go deeper so you can understand what I am talking about here. If you google “blocked youtube accounts” you will see a plethora of people who unjustly got their youtube accounts blocked playing by the rules because some new program determined that they could be spamming.  Now I realize that some of these cases could be legit, but personally getting a large youtube account of my own shut down for no good reason, I can say that not all are spam. The problem is deeper then it looks. Let me describe this from an SEO point of view.

Lets say I have your typical website I am building, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, youtube, and google plus all linked. My site has been up for 5 months or longer and I am slowly linking to various things that are in my niche (directories, search engines, social signals, etc.) and really building good solid trust. There is an SEO metric called “trust flow”. This is a gauge that builds when you build your site correctly and not spammy (You can go to to see what your trust flow is). Lets say I have built this long and hard to a level of 30 (pretty high). Out of the blue, youtube gets some weird Idea my account is possibly spammy and shuts me down because I logged into my account from a different computer. (real story). My trust metric drops to a 15 or worse because of this. This literally drops a websites ranking! Now at this point it doesn’t even matter if I get my youtube account re-instated, that trust will not go back up with it. It will sit for at least a month in limbo before it even starts to go back up. This really means 5 months of work cut in half at best. Now some of you may be saying,”well, at least it was only half!” Let me explain what “half is” when you are ranked number 1 for a search term on google. google-1st-page-2nd-page-click-through-rate

Here is a chart of percentage clicks based on ranking for google:

Now if you see the numbers, they can be staggering of the difference from #3 on down. If you take a trust flow hit like I am talking about, you will likely drop 10 spots minimum. If I am ranked #1, that puts me at #11. If you do the math, that is a drop of 30.95X. Lets just call it 30. Basically if you multiple the traffic from spot 11 which is 1.11% X30.95= 34.3545. This equates into me loosing just under 97% of my pervious traffic! All from a stupid new algorithm that detected something that wasn’t true or real. This is nuts. No one wrote and warned me or questioned any activity, just boom, cut off. I have since proven that the claims were false, but the damage is done. Do they care, nope. I realize it is a free service, so I can’t say much, but I would gladly pay if it gave me added protection from this kind of crap. I will get back to the #1 spot, but it is frustrating as it was just a computer determining if it was black or white.

What people should take away from this as I know a lot of you have very large youtube accounts where you make a fairly decent living from. Please don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! Keep a perspective as you are riding a free service and the ride could stop at any moment. I have seen it many times now both personally and professionally. Things won’t get easier in the future either. The more programs that come out, the more thin ice we all skate on. Kind of like life if you look around, the more laws and law suites that go on, the less freedom and limits we have at a lot of things. It is really becoming a fear based mentality in the world. As much as I would like to write about that here, I will save that for another blog.

Part of writing this was to vent a little. The other was to share a story so that you may be a little more informed so you can be prepared. You don’t want to loose 97% of your income in a matter of minutes. Just protect yourself and put eggs everywhere and not just in one basket.